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New Study Links Moderate Alcohol Consumption To Cancer

Bottles of liquor at a state-run liquor store in Seattle. (Ted S. Warren/AP)

Bottles of liquor at a state-run liquor store in Seattle. (Ted S. Warren/AP)

According to a new study to be published in the April edition of the American Journal of Public Health, consuming as few as 1.5 alcoholic drinks a day can boost your risk of dying from cancer.

Dr. Timothy Naimi, the study’s director and an associate professor at the Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health, considers these findings to be a crucial public health message. Some experts, however, argue that the study dismisses important potential benefits of moderate alcohol consumption.


  • Dr. Timothy Naimi , Associate Professor of Medicine, Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health


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  • vito33

    Here are some other “Study Shows That…” conclusions I remember reading over the years:

    Coffee reduces the risk of some cancers. Drink one to three cups a day.

    (Cheers!) [edit]
    Coffee increases blood pressure. Don’t drink coffee.

    Sugar is bad for you. Use artificial sweeteners instead.
    Artificial sweeteners contain carcinogens. Natural sugar is much better for you.

    Don’t use butter, it’s unhealthy. Use margarine instead.
    The man-made ingredients in margarine are unhealthy. Use butter instead. 

    Take an aspirin each day to lower the risk of a heart attack.
    Don’t take aspirin every day. It can cause ulcers and bleeding.

    Use olive oil instead of butter for cooking.
    There’s no way to tell what’s in imported olive oil.

    Eat only protein.
    Avoid eating proteins.

    Eliminate carbohydrates from your diet.
    Include plenty of carbohydrates in your diet.

    BPA’s are leaching out of plastic bottles at an alarming rate.
    Plastic bottles stay in landfills for 10,000 years.

    And now here’s another one. Oy, vey.

  • http://twitter.com/paulzink Paul Zink

    Great to know that a more boring and bland life can lead to a longer bland and boring life. Thanks, but I’ll keep my Martini and glass of Montepulciano, and forego that extra hour or so. 

    • http://twitter.com/Tebob2 Bob Johnson

      Wow, and all this time I thought my life was great without relying on alcohol for fun & all…. 

      • Carlabosco

         Good for you. Moderate drinking means a glass or so and it is not for fun is just relaxing. U should try it once in a while. Paid article anyway because why alcohol producers are allowed to do it if is dangerous? This article is just a reason for U not to sue the government as it seems to warn U but not stopping the manufacturers cause they get money from them. Make sense yes?

  • Wahoo_wa

    Clearly the answer is to drink MORE than 1.5 alcoholic drinks a day.

  • PaulfromHydeParkMA

    This is silly. Wait 6 months….another study will “disprove” this one. Absolutely absurd what some people/lobbyists/businesses will pay for to pretend that their take on issues is the most accurate.

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