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Emotions High On Housing Immigrant Children In Massachusetts

We look at the backlash against Governor Patrick’s plan to temporarily house immigrant children in Massachusetts.

Economist: Market Basket Employee Protest Is ‘Unprecedented’

A Market Basket veteran outlines employees’ demands, and an economist puts the protest in the context of business and labor in the US.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Coastal Erosion Is Fact Of Life On Cape Cod

A geologist says there is little we can do prevent radical change to the Cape’s shoreline.

Altering Genes In Wild Populations: Boon For Human Health? Or Darwinian Nightmare?

Researchers want to alter the DNA of entire wild populations — but they’re opening the discussion to the public before they move forward.

Author Explores US’s Perplexing ‘Seafood Deficit’

Author Paul Greenberg explores the ecological impacts of the U.S. import-export deficit in seafood.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Changing Cape

We’re going to talk today about one of our state’s most dynamic places — constantly changing, even as it tries to protect what has made Cape Cod a destination for so many.

Ocean Exploration At Woods Hole

It’s not just the Cape’s population that’s changing, its the ocean around it, as well. In a moment, we’ll talk about the changing fishing industry. But first, the mysteries of its ocean depths.

Fishing On The Cape

A recent government assessment put the Cod population at less than one fifth of what scientists say is necessary to maintain a healthy population. To protect the dwindling species, two years ago the feds cut the quota for cod fishing by roughly 80 percent.

Singer/Songwriter Patty Larkin

Patty Larkin is a Wellfleet-based singer and songwriter and an Artist in Residence at Berklee College of Music.

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