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Week In Review: Mayor Walsh’s Woes, Deflategate, Proposed Tobacco Ban

There was news this week that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has been drawn into the federal investigation of allegations of strong-arm tactics used by union leaders against developers and other businesses in the region.

Why Society Must Prepare For The Self-Driving Car Revolution

We talk to three experts about the promises and pitfalls of the transportation revolution underway throughout the nation.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vision Zero Boston: The Plan To Eliminate Car Crash Fatalities

The philosophy behind the initiative, originally from Sweden, is that while people might fail, the road systems never should.

Brockton Casino Struck Down

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission voted four to one Thursday not to award a casino license to a proposed casino in Brockton.

Does Ditching Cable TV Really Save You Money?

Would opening up cable box competition make cable more affordable?

Sitting In Traffic? What You Should Know About Your Health

Sitting in the car when you’re stuck in traffic is never fun. It’s frustrating and boring. But how does your long commute affect your body?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What Effect Did The Big Dig Have On Seaport Traffic?

With convention and hospitality space set to double over the next two decades, what strategies should the city use to mitigate road congestion?

A New Look At Thomas Jefferson: ‘Most Blessed Of Patriarchs’

Thomas Jefferson’s legacy is extensive and contradictory. He was a founding father, slave-owner, author of the Declaration of Independence and, as he once called himself, a “patriarch.”

BeyoncĂ© And Black Feminist Magic In ‘Lemonade’

BeyoncĂ©’s new album, “Lemonade,” may be one of the most important pieces of artistic and cultural expression in a generation.

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