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Summer Blockbuster Hits And Misses

We look at this summer’s hits and misses, and what we love about summer movies with The Boston Globe film critic Ty Burr.

Why Martha’s Vineyard Was The Perfect Setting For ‘Jaws’

The film’s production designer explains why Martha’s Vineyard was the ideal location to host the 1975 horror movie.

The Joy Behind Making ‘The Princess Bride’

Actor Carey Elwes, who played the farmboy-turned-pirate Westley, has written a book about the film detailing how it was made and why it has such staying power.

‘Field Of Dreams’ Actor Reflects On Father-Son Relationships

For actor, Dwier Brown, who played opposite Kevin Costner in the closing, iconic scene of the movie “Field of Dreams,” the movies themes of fatherhood and reconciliation resonate deeply.

The Making Of A Great Film Score

We spoke to the Berklee College of Music’s film scoring department chair about this year nominees — and compiled a list of Radio Boston’s favorite movie scores ever.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

After Supreme Court Decision, Is There An Alternative To Lethal Injection?

On Monday, a divided Supreme Court upheld a state’s right to use lethal injection in death penalty executions.

What Makes A Great, American Burger?

We explore the secrets to making and finding a perfect summer hamburger.

How Music Celebrating A Russian Victory Became Synonymous With American Independence

The “1812 Overture” actually commemorates Napolean’s retreat from Russia in 1812. It became tied to American independence in 1973, when two men were driving down Commonwealth Ave.

Should You Subscribe To Apple Music?

Apple is finally getting in the streaming music game.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Marty Meehan’s First Day As UMass President

The University of Massachusetts has a new president. Marty Meehan takes over Wednesday as the 27th president of the public university system.

Loiselle Gonzalez Baez: High School Valedictorian And New Mom

We talk to Loiselle Gonzalez Baez, who gave birth to her son in the middle of her senior year of high school and went on to become valedictorian.

Littlefield On Sports: World Cup And MLB All-Star Voting

We cover World Cup soccer and the MLB All Star voting with “Only A Game”‘s Bill Littlefield.

A Lowell Guidance Counselor Who Survived A Genocide

Seng Ty is a popular guy among students at Stoklosa Middle School in Lowell, where he’s a guidance counselor. But it wasn’t until they read his memoir that they understood all he had been through.

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