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Tuesday’s Show

The Changing Cape

We’re going to talk today about one of our state’s most dynamic places — constantly changing, even as it tries to protect what has made Cape Cod a destination for so many.

Ocean Exploration At Woods Hole

It’s not just the Cape’s population that’s changing, its the ocean around it, as well. In a moment, we’ll talk about the changing fishing industry. But first, the mysteries of its ocean depths.

Fishing On The Cape

A recent government assessment put the Cod population at less than one fifth of what scientists say is necessary to maintain a healthy population. To protect the dwindling species, two years ago the feds cut the quota for cod fishing by roughly 80 percent.

Singer/Songwriter Patty Larkin

Patty Larkin is a Wellfleet-based singer and songwriter and an Artist in Residence at Berklee College of Music.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tazhaykov Guilty In Bombing Obstruction Case

A federal jury found Azamat Tazhaykov guilty of impeding the FBI’s Boston Marathon bombing investigation.

Beth Israel Opens Mental Health Notes To Some Patients

A new pilot program lets some psychiatric patients read their therapists’ notes online. Advocates say it could help with treatment. Others worry it may be harmful.

Weston Mother Deals With Daughter’s Death In Unconventional Way

Weston-based author Sukey Forbes tells the story of the sudden loss of her 6-year-old daughter Charlotte and her unusual method of coping with grief.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Week In Review: Patrick’s Child Aid Plan, BRA Audit, Haystack

Governor Patrick makes an impassioned plea today for the state to help the flood of children crossing over the U.S.-Mexico border. Plus, we’ll take a look at the BRA’s books and a new parking app.

Boston Gets Its First Pop-Up Library

Nestled under the birch trees between India and Milk streets on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, you’ll find the Uni Project’s wooden book kiosk, surrounded by little plastic benches.

New Head Of Mass. Teachers Association Talks Testing, Teaching, Income Inequality

Barbara Madeloni tapped into many teachers’ feelings of frustration about testing when she ran for — and won — the presidency of the Massachusetts Teachers Association.

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