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Music School Looks To Re-Shape Future

A trio from the Longy School of Music performs at a benefit for Mt. Auburn Cemetary. (friendsofmountauburn/Flickr)

A trio from the Longy School of Music performs at a benefit for Mt. Auburn Cemetary. (friendsofmountauburn/Flickr)

The Longy School of Music has been around for nearly a century, although it’s often been overshadowed by its well-known neighbors, including Harvard and the Berklee College of Music. Currently, Longy is embroiled in a labor dispute with its faculty and is considering a complete makeover. We talk about Longy’s troubles, and about the dilemma of having so many music schools in one area.


  • Geoff Edgers, arts reporter, Boston Globe
  • Adam Ragusea, reporter, Radio Boston

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  • jeannie

    Geoff just won a new fan today! Intelligent comments and observations, thanks for loving music, dance, and art Geoff…

  • Davie

    You hardly said anything at all about what’s going on at Longy, and then veered off into random personal discussion about your reporter’s past as a music student. Shame on you!

  • Dave Twiss

    Enjoyed the story and was a bit amused by the bitterness of one of your former-music-student-turned-reporters. I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1978 with a degree in Traditional Composition. My father, in an attempt to talk me out of going into music, drew a pyramid on a piece of paper and pointed to the peak saying, “there’s only room for a few people up here, so think about what you’re doing.” I did think about it and realized that there was a whole lot of people between the peak and the base making a decent living. Since graduating, I worked several lousy jobs while gigging at night and eventualy got involved in theatre and through theatre into education. I have always been able to make a good living and I’ve worked with some great musicians including Julie Andrews and Kenny Rogers. I’m no star, but I love my work and I make ends meet!

    I don’t think that Boston has a “glut” of music schools – Boston is a Mecca for people like me who are looking for high quality education and want to be excited about getting up and doing what they love every day.

    There are many unemployed Business majors in the world, but no one’s talking about closing those departments, are they?

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