Thursday, April 26, 2012
The Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill. (koalie/Flickr)

Mass. House Passes $32.4 Billion Budget

The current version of the budget would impose limitations on how the poor can use welfare debit cards, close the Taunton State Hospital and monitor the controversial immigration program called Secure Communities.

Fishermen Fume Over Whole Foods’ Sustainable Fish Move

Starting this week, Whole Foods is only selling line-caught cod, Atlantic halibut, gray sole, and skate, all important catches for ports like Gloucester and New Bedford. The move has drawn the ire of fishermen and one very high-profile politician.

File photo, the seafood counter at Whole Foods Market in Hillsboro, Ore. (AP)

Barton Seaver: Eating Sustainable Seafood Could Be A Form Of Patriotism

The Washington, D.C., chef talks about his personal connection to the ocean and his new book “For Cod and Country: Simple, Delicious, Sustainable Cooking.”

File image of National Geographic chef Barton Seaver, left, offering sauteed lionfish to Renata Lana, a communications and outreach specialist from NOAA, in the kitchen of Seaver's home. (AP)

‘Love Free Or Die,” The Story Of First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop

“Love Free Or Die” tells the story of Bishop Gene Robinson, of New Hampshire, and the schism within his church around gay and lesbian rights.

New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop in the global Anglican fellowship (AP)

Weekend Picks: Dance, Sing, Laugh Edition

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to round up some ideas for your weekend. This weekend, we’re mashing up some “Mary Poppers” with beautiful dance, a capella, and crazy comedy.

Constance Stamatiou, center, performs Suite Otis during the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's performance in Detroit in 2009.  (AP)

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