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Elizabeth Warren For President? The Future Of The Democratic Party

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during Sen. John Kerry's confirmation hearing to become secretary of state. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during Sen. John Kerry’s confirmation hearing to become secretary of state. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

If you believe conventional political wisdom, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States in 2016. In most political coverage, that’s a foregone conclusion. But politics is an unpredictable sport, and another name being floated for a possible presidential bid is getting traction: Elizabeth Warren.

In an article in The New Republic this week, Noam Scheiber argues that the Democratic party is undergoing a sea change, one increasingly focused on populist issues like income inequality and the need for more bank regulations. And that, he maintains, bodes very well for Senator Warren — and could even carry her all the way to the White House.

Warren has insisted she has no interest in running for president. Even if she does run, early polling tilts heavily toward Clinton. But Scheiber says winning might not be Warren’s ultimate goal. Instead, he writes, she may view a presidential campaign as an effective way to advance her economic policy agenda — reforming a financial system that she claims is rigged against average Americans — even if she loses the race.

WBUR’s Sacha Pfeiffer spoke with Scheiber about his article, which has generated lively debate over the future of the Democratic party and raised concerns that a Clinton-Warren primary election could splinter the Democratic party.


Noam Scheiber, senior editor at The New Republic. His latest article is “Hillary’s Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren”

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  • J__o__h__n

    Elizabeth Warren would have my vote.

  • J__o__h__n

    Warren does have administrative experience. She worked to implement the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

  • fun bobby

    liz warren did call up my local right wing radio host and she handled him pretty well. that was pretty impressive

    • WetNWild_1974

      And who is your favorite right wing radio host? Ed Schulz?

      • fun bobby

        not familiar with him. our local democrat turned right wing radio jockey is Jordan levy. that’s sort of like asking what my favorite medical procedure is

  • WetNWild_1974

    Both are not only sore in the eyes but incompetent lying liberal opportunists who have disgraced women, Native Americans, and the nation. Hillary’s failures as Secy of State are all we need to recall.

    4 dead Americans. What difference does it make anyway? Shameful

  • theotherRJH

    So would she be our first Native American president? She is such a joke.

    • Mell

      Still on that one?? You are gonna need more than that.
      Talking about a joke LOL

      • theotherRJH

        A lot of mileage left in that joke. Wait until the Native American groups pop up when she announces and calls her a fraud. That’ll be a hoot to watch. Those people know how to get media attention.

        • Mell

          Yeah but since Native Americans are a minority (the got wipe out from their own land by the white folks from EU), not sure if you be an issue, since that was not enough reason for her to loose Senate.

  • Mell

    Go get it Elizabeth :)

  • theotherRJH

    This woman will plunge the country into a depression that would make Stalin and Mao blush. Fortunately she comes off to most as a rather nasty, unfriendly woman so her chances of actually getting the Dem nomination are pretty low.

    • Mell

      The Brazilian President is not a friendly woman as well, very tough one and won the election. So nasty works for me.

      • theotherRJH

        But Americans want a soft and fluffy president, not a communist female version of George W Bush.

  • Ray in VT

    Will Elizabeth Warren ever criticize Deval Patrick’s role at Ameriquest? He made millions through Ameriquest’s abusive lending practices.

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