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Fixing Boston’s Housing Market

A construction crane over Boston. (Alex Kingsbury/WBUR)

A construction crane over Boston. (Alex Kingsbury/WBUR)

Housing is more expensive in greater Boston than just about anywhere else in the country.

Here’s how tough it is for families: Half of them who rent in this city pay almost a third of their paychecks to their landlords. A quarter of them pay more than half. As a former candidate for mayor of New York said, “The rent is too damn high.” It’s true in the Big Apple, and it’s true here in Boston.

And because of those high rents, investors are buying up houses — pushing up their prices well above what working families can afford. The result: working families in an around Boston are being priced out of the region.


Barry Bluestone, director of the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University.

Mike Ross, city councilman and former mayoral candidate.

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  • J__o__h__n

    Why are the colleges allowed to admit more students than they can house themselves?

    • http://www.fibrowitch.net Jan Dumas


  • J__o__h__n

    This show is frequently interesting, but I find myself listening to it less. This topic was an important issue facing Boston and had two knowledgeable guests offering solutions. It ended and a story from Morning Edition was repeated. Then it’s time for sports! Then time for the minute of filler. Then the hourly list of the stations, and a plug for the website. Who would expect that a website for a radio station would have live streaming?

  • http://www.fibrowitch.net Jan Dumas

    I wish you had canceled the sports segment and kept talking about housing. Maybe you should dedicate an entire episode to housing and let those of us who have long term roots in the area speak up. Not that you would BU like every college treats Boston and it’s residents as so much dirt to be scrapped off their boots. Want to solve the housing problem in Boston, it’s easy. First every college and university and does a 5% across the board reduction in students. Then each college / university will be required by 2023 to have on campus housing for 3/4 of ALL students attending. Next encourage students to go some where else when they graduate, the constant harping I hear that we have to keep every student here just shows how our own politicians denigrate the very people who vote for them.

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