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U.S. Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez

Gabriel Gomez, at the WBUR studios. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Gabriel Gomez, at the WBUR studios. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

U.S. Senate candidate and former Navy SEAL and private equity manager joins us live to explain why he represents a “new generation of Republican leader,” and how he plans to help fix a Congress that he believes has failed the people of Massachusetts.


Gabriel Gomez, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate


The Boston Globe, “In his pitch to the governor, Gomez predicts that guns and immigration will dominate the debate during his appointed tenure and says, ‘I support the positions President Obama has taken on these issues, and you can be assured I will keep my word and work on these issues as I have promised.’”

WBUR, “With more than a month to go to the primary, Sullivan is in the lead among Republicans, with 28 percent of likely GOP voters saying they’d pick him. Winslow is second, with 10 percent, and Gomez trails with 8 percent.”

WBUR, “‘I was raised Catholic, I’m personally pro-life,’ Gomez said. ‘But I am not going down to D.C. to change the law. Roe v. Wade was settled 40 years ago. It’s settled law in Massachusetts. Justice Scalia, a very conservative justice, has effectively said that it’s established law. And I agree with him. However I do not support late-term abortion. I think you should have parental consent.’”

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  • J__o__h__n

    Most opponents to reproductive rights claim that they aren’t planning to change Roe v. Wade.  However, there is rarely a restriction that they won’t support.  Where does he stand on fetal personhood, employer objections to providing health care including contraception to employees, heartbeat bills, etc. 

    Also, as a senator his support of Supreme Court nominees could reverse Roe v. Wade as there are likely four votes on the Court already to do that.  Don’t let him get away with the soundbite about qualified justices and not having a litmus test.  How would have have voted on Alito, Roberts, Thomas and Scalia?  If he would vote for them, how does that make him part of a “new generation of Republicans.”

  • American first

    Ask the former Navy SEAL why he was so quick to outsource U.S. foriegn policy to a foreign country aka Israel  in the last Repbulican debate?

  • J__o__h__n

    Current retirees shouldn’t fall for this.  If my future benefits are cut, yours are next.  We are in this together or we aren’t. 

  • J__o__h__n

    Term limits should be imposed by elections.  Special interest money and gerrymandering are the problem.   

  • Cherylbentsen

    In taking about his private equity firm’s involvement in Lululemon, the once great company recently put profits ahead of customers and now we have cheaper materials being used and exposed rear ends! It was a good company before it became greedy.

    • J__o__h__n

      No, it wasn’t about making more corporate profits.  It was to help the retired teachers, police and firefighters.  He recited the list at least twice.  He should focus on the corporate greed as an asset because he has to win the Republican primary first before he can etch-a-sketch to the middle. 

    • Info

       I would be curious to learn more about the extent to which private equity firms are really the virtuous defenders of employee pensions that he portrays them as when asked about this kind of issue. And I wonder if his benevolent feelings toward public employees extend to their right to organize.

  • Info

    He talks a good game, but when I hear “smaller government” or “personal responsibility”, especially from a Republican, I can’t help but think it might be a euphemism for “If you’re unemployed and don’t have health insurance, or if you are a poorly treated worker who wants to unionize…too bad for you, you lazy socialist!”

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Russell-DeMello/100002300456616 Russell DeMello

      He’s a chameleon politician like Scott Brown, pretending to be moderate but he is really an extremist right hack

      • Tom Gilbert

        He’s looking forward to meeting you Russell…”a chameleon politician, an extremist right hack”… how about a little respect for a guy who stands ready to defend the honor of our country. 

  • Walt Corey

    While I certainly applaud and support his Naval career and desire to become and surviving the rigorous SEAL training and tour as a SEAL, I was offended at some of his rhetoric. 
    Yes, the goal of a private capital firm is streamlining, efficiency,  cost containment, and Mr Gomez did have one success story he was disingenuous on the subject of people losing their jobs and the hit that local economy takes as a result. But, even more egregiousness,  was the inflection on the Teacher’s pwnsion and whatever pension fund for those that EARNED their pension. I’ve been paying into social security and medicare since, perhaps I had a paper route likely 50 years ago. In my annual social security information adding my contributions and those of my employers that is likely more money than I will ever get back given what my monthly pension would be. Social Security is not an entitlement we EARNED it.

  • Walt Corey

    One more thing on Social Security. OK, the ‘party line” is those 55 and older are fine, nothing will be phased in for 10 years, but then as those in their early 60′s and mid to late 50′s are in the system, BAM, payments will be cut. I don’t see how anyone can live solely on what social security pays. Continuing to raise retirement age, for those in their 40′s and I believe 50′s they already have to wait until 68 if they up that by two years, there will already be a like of applicants for greeter at WalMart. I think it ludicrous to think or expect the avg person to be working at late 60′s and 70. Payments made on my behalf go towards my account not my coworkers’, up the employee contribution if you think there is a problem. 

  • Pointpanic

    So this is WBUR’s idea of “big thinkers”? Or “independent journalism”? This was a public relations piece for the GOP and their corporate clients . The same misleading tripe about the “American Dream” and “smaller Government”  void of the consequences for working people, poor people and the environment. Why is NPR becoming a GOP lovefest ,anyway? Doesn’t this violate the mission statement to bring ALL voices to the table,especially those that might not otherwise be exposed”? So where are the voices of the Green party? Or any socialist parties? Or hey even the Democrats, given that they won a solid victory last year esp. in MA? Remember that ,RB?  I wanted to raise this issue on air. I was told that a caller before me wanted to make the same point. ‘never heard it. I guess  WBUR is following the corporate example by lying to its listeners. THis is not the WBUR ,I came to know and love as a college student, back when they rightfully claimed “everything but commercials”

  • james butts

    I am a Democrat, but also pro life.  We need change, new blood, and conviction in Washington D. C.  A Senator not beholden to PArty, but to the people he is elected to serve.  Gabriel Gomez is that person.  I will vote for him even if it means changing party affiliation.  He is the Rignt person for the job….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Russell-DeMello/100002300456616 Russell DeMello

    Gomez is another chameleon politician like Scott Brown who pretends to be moderate but is really a republican hack.  His talk of being personally pro-life but accepts that Roe v. Wade is settled law is code like a dog-whistle to tea-party types that he is only saying he is in favor of a woman’s choice rights because he knows he can’t win in Massachusetts unless he says that.  His statement that he is personally pro-life tells you that if he ever sees the opportunity to undermine women’s choice rights he will try to do exactly that.  

    Gomez has already shifted his position twice on gun control issues and I can assure you that if he sees the opportunity to shift his position on women’s choice rights then he will do so.

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