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Fung Wah Fleet Taken Off The Road

Fung Wah bus. (mrmoneda/Flickr)

Fung Wah bus. (mrmoneda/Flickr)

Once again, there are major concerns about the safety of discount buses that run between Boston and New York City. After state inspectors found serious problems with buses operated by Fung Wah, they asked federal safety officials to declare “an imminent hazard” and shut the company down.

 Among the hazards discovered: cracks in the frames, including the drive axles — which could cause the driver to lose control and crash. Fung Wah has been ordered by federal authorities to take all 28 of its buses off the road.


Joan Claybrook, former president of Public Citizen and head of National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration

Dan Ronan, Senior Director of Communications for the American Bus Association


Here’s Fung Wah’s most recent Compliance Review with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

WBUR “Department of Public Utilities Chair Ann Berwick said inspectors looked at nine Fung Wah buses and found serious problems in eight, including cracks to the frames…Berwick said the state negotiated an agreement with the company to take all 21 of their older buses off the road. Six of the company’s buses are still operating.”

Boston Globe “Fung Wah buses have been cited for 159 maintenance violations in the past two years, including 23 instances of cracked, loose, or broken frames, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Its drivers are ranked in the bottom 3 percent of drivers nationwide, based on experience and training.”

NECN “State inspectors say they’ve found serious safety problems with buses used by a popular discount bus service operating between Boston and New York City and are asking federal transportation officials to declare Fung Wah Bus an “imminent hazard,” essentially shutting down the operation.”


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  • Jguillemin17

    There is something fishy about Fung Wah. It is not just the buses that have safety issues, but the management as well. Some of my dealings with them have lead me to believe that the drivers and ticket takers may very well be indentured servants with little or no ability to advocate for their customers or themselves. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/bkort Barry Kort

    Good grief, Anthony.  Please convey to your guests on this segment that I can’t hear them when they are yelling at me.

    If they have a story to tell, it would behoove them to cooperate in telling a coherent story for the edification of the listeners.  All that yelling just leaves me bewildered and wondering if there is any hope for crafting public policy in a civil and thoughtful manner.

    • Anthony_Brooks

      I agree, Barry.  I tried to contain them as best I could, but they’ve been debating/warring with each for years. 

      – Anthony

  • liminalx

    I can’t help but wondering if Bolt / Mega bus have a little to do with these inspections?

  • liminalx

    Did the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration inspect all the buses that run between Boston and NYC or just the “Chinatown” buses.?.?
    Great day for Bolt (Greyhound) and MegaBus (CoachUSA)

  • Me

    It’s about time! Those that don’t run into something flip over. The rest catch fire!

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