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Ugandan Gay Rights Group Sues Springfield Evangelist Scott Lively

(Courtesy of Sexual Minorities Uganda)

(Courtesy of Sexual Minorities Uganda)

A highly controversial case was back in federal court in Massachusetts this week. It pits an African-based gay rights group, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), against a Springfield evangelist, Pastor Scott Lively.

Lively is famous for his anti-gay rhetoric. SMUG is suing Lively, saying he allegedly incited the persecution, arrest, torture and murder of gay men and lesbians in Uganda.

This week, Lively and his lawyers were in court arguing that the case should be dismissed.

In 2009, the Ugandan legislature considered a bill that would have imposed the death penalty for the “offense of homosexuality.” The bill has not become law, but it was supported by one of Lively’s contacts in Uganda. And Lively has traveled to Uganda and preached against what he calls “the international gay movement,” which he says is committed to corrupting the country’s “moral culture.”



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  • Kathy

    I believe that evil people like your guest have a right to spew their hate. However, please don’t let him get away with claiming to be out there protecting people. He’s an evil hatemonger and his viewpoint is incompatible with modern western civilization.

  • vito33

    Who’s the sociopath???

  • J__o__h__n

    Anthony, stop taking his bigotry out of context. 

  • Kathy

    GO YOU!! This should be a model for journalism schools in how to treat these hatemongers. Too many media outlets just let them spew their bullshit while ignoring their hyperbolic comments when they’re off air.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GAZVT3PI63MI3JVGDYTL2N7O6I AmyF

    This guy can’t even answer a question, nor defend his hatred and bigotry. All he can do is deflect questions, blame others, and weasel out of his own words. What a waste of life.

    • vito33

      People like this never do own up to their own bigotry when they’re confronted with it.

  • DrewInGeorgia

    The tension is palpable, I feel like I just drank five cups of coffee.

  • vito33

    “…you always portray people like me like monsters”

    Methinks he doth speak too much.

  • http://bluestatesman.myopenid.com/ blueShift


  • http://bluestatesman.myopenid.com/ blueShift

    this man is a slippery monster – and his delivery betrays duplicity, and above all hostility.

  • DrewInGeorgia

    If you say you want a Nuclear Bomb to fall on Countries where homosexuality is ‘permitted’ (whether speaking rhetorically, figuratively, or literally) that IS hate speech.
    You are a piece of work Scott Lively.

    • vito33

      He’s a piece of something, for sure.

    • Chutney

      You’ve got the 4 letter part right, just the wrong 4. Something starting with an “S”, i think.

  • Murph

    What a liar. Way to “answer” questions, Scott. 

  • Wingswork2

    Strange that this man thinks that being gay is something that is easy to persuade someone to be. I wonder if someone could talk him into being gay and maybe he’s afraid of that?

    • Lilly1115

      Wonder how he feels about his two gay siblings? One who passed away too soon. Does he think she deserved to die?

  • Roberta Stone

    Scott Lively is a bigot and a destructive human being.

  • Thinkin15

    Maybe Mr. Lively needs some good Christian people to take him in and help him get over his hate and judgement of people who do something that is consensual between them and doesn’t involve him.

  • Roberta Stone

    Lively is also a liar.

  • René

    from Lively’s Wikipedia entry:
    “Along with Kevin E. Abrams, he co-authored the book The Pink Swastika, which states in the preface that “homosexuals [are] the true inventors of Nazism and the guiding force behind many Nazi atrocities.”[

  • Call_Me_Missouri

    Wow!  Scott’s borderline retarded.  They should give him an IQ test then get him qualified with some Handicapped plates.

    If you think something is taken out of context but cannot explain why…  Then it wasn’t taken out of context.  Scott meant EXACTLY what he said in those quotes and instead of having the backbone to back himself up, he was a traitor to his own words and ultimately to himself.

    If you’re a bigot, be man enough to admit it.  That’s my motto.

  • shawkenawe

    Is what Scott Lively said on the radio  any different from some other religious person telling an audience that his particular holy book thinks black people or some other religion are evil?  Would we feel the need to find “balance” in allowing someone like that to give his side of those particular issues–that blacks or Jews are somehow evil because of the color of their skin or their religious beliefs?

    There was a time when this country believed that African-Americans were not capable of being full members of our society and were murdered with impunity, and there was  a time when it was very acceptable to discriminate against Jews because they were perceived as Christ killers.  Would we feel comfortable to hear someone defend those crackpot ideas now because our public airwaves want to be “balanced?”  Why do we listen to what Scott Lively says against our gay citizen?  Why do we feel the need to give crackpots equal time with rational people?

    • Call_Me_Missouri

      I agree.  Some points of view are truly not Air-worthy…   

      Though this interview certainly stirred the pot and got people out here posting.

  • Chutney

    True, Scott has the right to speak his mind and say whatever he wants. That does not mean he has any form of protection from the consequences of any acts of stupidity on his part. I hope his opponents win their suit and take him for everything he has. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/dana.pille Dana Pille

    This man portrayed himself as a scholary Pastor when he was in Uganda. The things he preached were more then just opinion. He claims that The Gay Agenda is all about making pedophilia legal worldwide, and that the Gay’s are out to destroy civilized Countries. The man needs to be taken to court so he can bring his “lots and lots of data”, as he told the Ugandan’s that he had, and let the world see what a fraudster he truly is. We Gay’s also need to start a class action lawsuit against this man, and Mark Regnerus for the fraudulent study he put out through the University of Texas, which falsley claims that Gay’s are 25 times more likely to be pedophiles. The study was flawed, even the creator of the study admitted it was flawed, yet he still put it up as if it were true. Many Pastors and right wingers are holding this false study up as the most precise accurate study around. Yet, to be considered as growing up in a Gay family, all it took was for one parent to have had a same sex encounter, just once in their life. We need to expose this kind of crap in open court in front of the world.   https://www.facebook.com/AmericansFightingIntolerance

  • http://www.facebook.com/dana.pille Dana Pille

    An interesting article by the New York Times. In paragraph 3 you will find a link to the audio recordings that started all the “Hate the Gay’s” agenda by scott lively and his gang.http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/04/world/africa/04uganda.html?_r=0  Here is the truth of what was said.

  • Settlingnomad

    The very determined people who crusade against this sort of  “moral issues” are usually the ones who are the most afflicted by them… Maybe Scott Lively needs to extricate himself from his very, very deep closet?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharline.nabulime Sharline Nabulime

    I was on hold with the producer of All Things Considered waiting to let Mr. Lively know that I’m a Christian but he doesn’t represent me…too bad they ran out of time. I was going to ask him how he would feel if his 1st Amendment rights were infringed upon here in the U.S. Also, I was going to ask him who died and left him God & the world moral police…that he can go into a country like Uganda and “cleanse” it of the “evil of homosexuality.” He claims the legislation and everything that has transpired thus far was the Ugandans’ idea. “They invited me,” he said. Oh! I was livid. I also wanted to let him know about Proverbs 6:16-19. He obviously missed it. I get so mad when dimwits like him represent my God in such a twisted light. I want him to show me the scripture that says
    we can kill people because they are gay. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Christianity is Uganda’s driving political force and he knows this very well. Using his platform to influence local pastors who in-turn influence members of parliament makes him liable for Kato’s death and all the other crimes against humanity that have resulted from his efforts. The fundamental difference between God and Scott Lively is love. God is love but Scott Lively is hate. My favorite poster held by a fellow Ugandan and demonstrator outside the federal court building read: “Lively is Deadly.” This Monday, I didn’t go to the courthouse as a journalist but as a human rights activist because I believe that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” Martin Luther King Jr.

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