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Is The Future Of The Mass. Lottery Online?

Screenshot of the Midday Nubmers Game Drawing for the Massachusetts State Lottery for Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013. (MassStateLottery/YouTube)

Screenshot of the Midday Nubmers Game Drawing for the Massachusetts State Lottery for Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013. (MassStateLottery/YouTube)

Massachusetts has the highest per capita spending on the lottery, and the Massachusetts State Lottery raked in almost $1 billion in net profit last year.

And yet, some state officials say there’s an “imminent threat” to the Massachusetts lottery — internet gambling. State Treasurer Steve Grossman wants to beat both the federal government and private gambling companies to the punch. He plans to ask the Legislature to change state law so that the Massachusetts lottery can go online.

That would mean you could buy those Mega Millions, Powerball and scratch tickets from your home or smartphone, with your credit card, at almost any time. Is this a lucrative new revenue source for the state? Or could it cause a dramatic increase in gambling addiction?



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  • Call_Me_Missouri

    I think Steven Grossmans description of the online program and the Gift Card model is very good as it addresses the major issues I see with an online program.  I would support this model.  

    I would NOT support a direct online sales model via Credit Cards.  It’s too hard in this model to validate who you are selling the tickets to and for those who don’t know….  when a business makes a fraudulent Credit Card sale…  the business bears the burden when it’s proven to be fraudulent.  The bank that “insures” that your card is not fraudulently used can do that because they aren’t paying for it.  I don’t think we want the Lottery to be responsible for fraudulent credit card charges.

    If this program were available, I would use it and I currently only buy physical lottery tickets once, maybe twice a year.  It seems like it would be easier to pick your own numbers online rather than filling out that stupid scantron form.  I always regret getting quick pick tickets and I think that scantron form is the main reason I don’t buy lottery tickets very often.

    Caller Arlene, hon, of course this is about money making!  Buy a Clue!

    And again, there should be NO direct online gambling via Credit Cards… PERIOD.

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