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Question 3: Medical Use Of Marijuana

White widow, a strain of marijuana, sold as medical marijuana in California. (eggrole/Flickr)

White widow, a strain of marijuana, sold as medical marijuana in California. (eggrole/Flickr)

This November, Massachusetts voters will decide whether using, selling and prescribing marijuana for medical purposes should be legal under state law. Question 3 is one of three ballot initiatives voters will face on November 6th.

If approved, the law would allow patients with debilitating conditions to get a doctor’s permission to obtain a 60-day supply of marijuana for personal use. The Department of Public Health would oversee up to 35 dispensaries across the state, while doctors could authorize personal caregivers to obtain and administer marijuana to patients who need it.

The law would also impose stiff penalties — up to five years in jail — for those convicted of trafficking marijuana for non-medical use. If passed, Massachusetts would join 17 other states, including three right here in New England, and the District of Columbia, that have legalized medical marijuana.

Opponents to Question 3 include the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association and the Massachusetts Medical society, which represents 24,000 physicians across the state. The push in favor is led by The Committee for Compassionate Medicine, along with a variety of patient advocacy groups.


Where do you stand on Question 3? Does it make sense to legalize medical marijuana in Massachusetts? Are you someone who benefits from the drug? Or do you oppose legalization and why?


  • Peter Hiyashi, a former clinical neuro-psychologist and professor of neurology and psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Peter also uses marijuana to treat pain.
  • Matthew Allen, director of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, and an employee of the Committee for Compassionate Medicine
  • Dr. Kevin Sabet, former senior advisor to the Obama administration’s director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida, and the president of Policy Solutions Group — a drug policy consulting company in Cambridge


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  • GKoenig

    The argument against this law angers me.  This is just the medical industrial complex trying to maintain control of medicine & health to ensure profits.  Here we have a simple plant, easy to grow in your own home, that has clear benefits for numerous ailments, and we’re pretending that we have to isolate the chemical components, etc. before we can let people use it?  Why bother?  For centuries, people have used this plant for medicinal (as well as recreational) reasons all over the world!
    The fight against this law is absurd.  This is just another chapter in a prohibition that was started for racial reasons, has clearly failed long ago (anybody can get hemp if they really want), and yet there are apologists who keep saying we have to control it, it’s dangerous, etc.  What’s dangerous is the drug war, the huge waste of tax money, and lost lives as so-called drug lords fight out who gets to profit from an illegal plant.  Just count the deaths from the drug war (thousands) and ruined lives (thousands in jail), versus deaths from using hemp (zero!).
    At least let those who desire this to restore their appetites, reduce chronic pain, etc. have the peace of mind knowing they can use it legally!
    The writing is on the wall.  Laws follow culture, laws don’t make culture.  It’s inevitable that this plant will be legal some day.  Meanwhile, it’s all about drug company profits, riding on the back of racism from the 1930s.  Period.

    • Rens

      Thank you, GKoenig, for articulating the complete position of the marijuana legalization movement.  This can also be found at “High Times”, NORML, and the Marijuana Policy Project.   Most of America does NOT want an unlimited and unregulated supply of cannabis available for people of any age at any time.  The health effects evidence is mounting, and it doesn’t look good for pot.  Clear neurotoxic effects on brain function are now proven with long-term regular use–especially when it starts young.  And with the legalizers singing the virtues of pot, our kids are moving back toward increased use after a decade of declining youth use.  And for this we fed our kids organic babyfood?  Thanks, again. 

      • Thiobioster

        Explain US patent 6,630,507 from Hampson et al which lays out in clear scientific fact that cannabinoids are neuroprotectants not neurotoxins!

        Until you remove your emotion from this and look at the facts you will also be in support of the continued slavery this immoral war on drug represents. They feed on the fear of ignorant people like you! Get a science background or don’t vote. You are putting sick people in jail because your afraid of being a real parent who talks to their kids about how much riskier alcohol is than cannabis.

      • Cohara1103

        You might want to fact check your statement …..the majority of america is for full legalization…….

        • Mash14

          Just because there are people in favor on full legalization does not mean just go do it.  Should we just legalize Herion and Crack just because people use them?  We need to do proper research so that doctors will be able to know the side effects of marijuana.  It is doing a diservice to people who need this relief without doing the proper research and trials.

          • Male_DV_Victim

             We have research that shows Tobacco and alcohol kill.


            Why are they legal??

            I know the side effects of marijuana and I like them.

            Any other points you would like to make?

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003332171237 Doe John

            What nonsense.Drug use should not be a crime,all it does is create drug cartels. If I wanted to grow papaver somniferum and render it down to raw opium and smoke it what is it to you?
            The “War on Drugs©” has locked down research of Cannabis for 70 years in THIS country,talk about a disservice to the citizens.

          • esotericknowledge

            Who is advocating for the legalization of Heroin and Crack?  No one. Strawman argument.

            Why don’t you get a clue and read for the past hundred years people have been hysterically and frantically trying to find something wrong with marijuana and they can’t.  And it sure pisses them of that they can’t find any grounded reason why the people of the planet can not live with all species given to them.

      • Johnny oneye

        “The health effects evidence is mounting, and it doesn’t look good for pot.”
        collective ignorance does not equal knowledge!
        cannabis has been a medicine longer than it has been outlawed.
        Alcohol kills brain cells , cannabidiol is a neuro-protectant 

        America has unlimited access to cannabis (pot) 
        The black market is unregulated , they do not check ID.
        Organic baby food?  genetically modified but organic, please

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003332171237 Doe John

        ALL of America has been lied to about MerryWanna for 70 some years,while the drug cartels and the prison for profit industries have prospered. Most Americans are ignorant about MJ as your comment illustrates. We will see in November how MJ initiatives do at the polls, I will be voting YES because as YOU say I don’t want an UNregulated market controlled by the deadly drug cartels.

      • kevin_hunt

           “Most of America does NOT want an unlimited and unregulated supply of
        cannabis available for people of any age at any time. ”

        Wrong, polls show that over 50% are for legalization and 70% are for medical marijuana.

        neurotoxic effects on brain function are now proven with long-term
        regular use–especially when it starts young. ”

        The study that you are referring to showed no IQ drop in citizens that started using marijuana as adults

        “But users who began smoking after age 18 — even if they used heavily — did not show a significant decline.”Source: http://healthland.time.com/2012/08/28/does-weekly-marijuana-use-by-teens-really-cause-a-drop-in-iq/#ixzz27gOMcrYZ

        “And with the legalizers
        singing the virtues of pot, our kids are moving back toward increased
        use after a decade of declining youth use. ”

        You are wrong again:

        Past month marijuana users in the U.S. have increased slightly
        from 5.8% in 1988 to 6.6% in 2009 (Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health
        Data Archive), despite the war on drugs spending increasing from $9.7 billion
        in 1990 to $15 billion in 2010 (Source: ONDCP fact sheet 172873). 

  • http://mavoteNOonquestion3.com/ Info

    So Massachusetts Department of Public Health can’t even manage their own lab.  How are they suppose to manage 35 dispensaries that anyone over the age of 21, without a lick of training can own and operate?  And why do we need 35 dispensaries to service the small percentage of patients who need it?  It all seems too open, too excessive and unnecessary.  Q3 will harm more people than it will help – mostly our entire youth population.   I don’t want a marijuana store in my community – because I know the people who’d be using it wouldn’t be truly ill.  Do you want a pot store in your neighborhood?  My vote is NO.  

    • Cohara1103

      Fine vote no…..not like a no vote makes it disappear….keep wasting tax dollars…..i could careless there are well over a dozen people i can buy it from……

      Its a win win you get to keep wasting tax dollars trying to stop me and i get to keep my tax free delivery…..i make a call and in 30mins or less my cannabis arrives fresh and hot like a pizza

    • http://www.facebook.com/mikecann Mike Cann

       Did you say something? I can’t hear a word you say after you left out that 62% of MA voters support fully legal cannabis? Please post another Press Release about the Activism of Mike Cann and leave out all I have said and done. Like you did in the last one. I enjoy having my own National Enquirer stories courtesy of NO ON QUESTION 3!  http://www.mikecann.net/2012/09/mike-cann-vs-no-on-question-3-ma.html#comment-form

      • Mash14

        Again, isnt Question 3 about Medical Marijuana and not Legalization?

        • http://www.facebook.com/mikecann Mike Cann

          Again, why is Kevin Sabet and Heidi H, Vote No on Question 3, bringing up legal when it is now more popular than medical in MA? The Yes on Qyestion 3 campaign really should stop playing nice and safe, take off the gloves like Kevin and Heidi have. Go for a bigger win, tell the truth. Who’s “duping” who? 62% support of MA voters support legal. If people want to legalize in MA they don’t have to do a medical initiative first. Medical is for the patients. In 2016, a group of citizens will legalize by ballot as well. Straight up truth, I wish people would respect the voters and the 62% that want it straight up legal.

    • Male_DV_Victim

       How do you feel about a liquor store in your neighborhood??

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003332171237 Doe John

      YES, I would like a store in my neighborhood that would sell licensed and regulated MerryWanna,a store that would sell MJ that is inspected for purity of product and asks for I.D AND pays taxes. YOU on the other hand would rather stick with the failed “War on Drugs©” and leave it to the drug cartels to supply your kids.

    • esotericknowledge


  • Fred

    If you want uncontrolled easy access to non-regulated substances (i.e. pot) for your children then vote yes.  The data is clear, with the perception to kids that pot is not harmful combined with the easy access that would occur if this passes there is no doubt that use and addiction will skyrocket.

    I don’t want my kids having such access or potentially living with the lifetime sentence of addiction so I’ll be voting NO!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647641218 James Tremaglio

       your a classic case of why fascism has failed..

    • zach

      Oh come on! Are you really that retarded to think that marijuana is physically addictive?! How about you research into something before talking. You sir are a joke. 


    • Cohara1103

      Fred hate to burst your bubble but because of your stance and people like you kids already have 24/7 acces to cannabis where ever and when they want……every teenager in america will tell you that cannabis and other drugs are far more easy to buy than alcohol and tobacco……its 2012 educate yourself

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003332171237 Doe John

      So because YOU can’t control your kids people who find MJ relieves their suffering should remain criminals.
      Of course you would vote against any legalization that would license and regulate MJ,right?
      Sorry all of you sick people who find MJ eases your suffering,you have to keep using those dangerous,expensive prescription drugs because Fred can’t control his kid.

    • esotericknowledge

      The world will end if everyone does not submit to your will?  No, I don’t think so.

    • kevin_hunt

       Marijuana is not addictive.  Medical laws do not lead to more use by kids.

      Researchers compared teens in Rhode Island, where medical
      marijuana was legalized in 2006, with adolescents in Massachusetts, which
      doesn’t allow medical marijuana sales. The analysis included 32,570 teens who
      completed surveys on drug use between 1997 and 2009. The study showed no
      statistically significant differences regarding marijuana use between the two
      states in any year.



      Also another:


      “We replicated previously published results showing higher
      marijuana use in states with MMLs. Difference-in-differences estimates
      suggested that passing MMLs decreased past-month use among adolescents by 0.53
      percentage points (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.03-1.02) and had no
      discernible effect on the perceived riskiness of monthly use. Models
      incorporating measurement error in the state estimates of marijuana use yielded
      little evidence that passing MMLs affects marijuana use. [Ann Epidemiol. 2012


      And Another:


      A new study finds
      there is no evidence that legalization of medical marijuana increases teen drug
      use. “There is anecdotal evidence that medical marijuana is finding
      its way into the hands of teenagers, but there’s no statistical evidence that
      legalization increases the probability of use,” Daniel I. Rees, a
      professor of economics at the University of Colorado Denver, said in a written


      Source: “Medical Marijuana Laws and Teen Marijuana
      Use” Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) http://www.iza.org/en/webcontent/publications/papers/viewAbstract?dp_id=6592.

  • jway

    Taxpayers are being forced to pay $40 Billion a year for a prohibition that causes 10,000 brutal murders & 800,000 needless arrests every year, and which doesn’t even stop CHILDREN from getting marijuana.

    After seventy years of prohibition, it’s obvious that the federal marijuana prohibition causes FAR more harm than good and must END! Drug Dealers Don’t Card, Supermarkets Do!!

    • JSRennis

      Alcohol related social costs are incredibly high — 1,000,000 more arrests per year than all narcotic arrests combined, not to mention alcohol-related accidents and health care costs.  That’s because its ubiquitous.   That’s not a justification for putting a pot shop on every corner along with the bars.  Its a justification for doubling down on potentially addictive substance sales . . . which will never recoup the social costs.  

      • Thiobioster

        Social costs of alcohol prohibition were higher. Are you seriously suggestion we go back to the Volcker act? Cannabis is 100fold less toxic and less addictive that alcohol. More people die from over the counter aspirin every year (1000/year).

        There is no logic to your position other than you like to suppress other people because your scared. Stop being an oppressor. It’s immoral!

        Perception of kids is accurate as they have access to information which shows them its safer. Your access to information appears limited.

      • kevin_hunt

         You can’t compare the social costs of alcohol and marijuana unless you have seen the data: 

        researchers have estimated the following social costs per user per year:
        Alcohol $165.11, Tobacco $822.26, Marijuana $20.50

        Source: The costs of
        substance abuse in Canada 2002. Ottawa: Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse.  

        Source: Gerald Thomas,
        Chris Davis “Cannabis, Tobacco and Alcohol Use in Canada Comparing risks of
        harm and costs to society”. Visions: BC’s Mental
        Health and Addictions Journal, 2009, Vol. 5 No. 4, p. 11 

  • Aidansmom

    I would feel safer obtaining medication from a pharmacy (pharmacist) and be assured of the safety and efficacy of it (as determined by the FDA) than obtain it from a “regulated” pot shop. Who runs these pot shops by the way? Have they had any training in dosage or contraindications? Do they know how much to dose for a child vs. an adult? I can’t imagine filling a “prescription” for my child at one of these shops. As a parent, I’m incredibly concerned!~

    • Nerd

      You shouldn’t. Look at the facts. Even with black market weed no one has overdosed. Check the CDC. The legal drugs kill far more people than cannabis. Regulating it will only make it safer. It’s already safer than aspirin and we need regulation to get driving limits in place. Without it there will be only black market measurements (none).

      Also look at the other states that went medical. Youth usage drops. Doesn’t increase. These are facts! Andersen et al! Look it up before you vote!
      Alcohol use goes down. Suicides go down. Traffic fatalities go down!

      If you are a parent like me a science based the obvious vote is yes.

      Everything else is worse for society. More crime, more youth usage, more alcohol.

    • Johnny oneye
      • Bill

         His cancer came back after this report.  Kind of sad that the parents had put so much hope on the treatment

        • Johnny oneye

          when you have no options left , whats the harm?
          CASH HYDE  …RIP

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003332171237 Doe John

      Then you support licensed regulated MerryWanna production and sales, right?

    • Male_DV_Victim

       Who runs these liquor stores?

      Do you think they care about their patients?

      They see alcoholics coming in every day, but do the try and control how much booze they drink? NO!

      Why do you think they are against marijuana becoming legal.

      I would mush rather smoke than drink.

      Marijuana won’t kill you.

    • esotericknowledge

      It’s not like pharma drugs, it’s safe.

    • kevin_hunt

      Annual deaths from FDA approved drugs are over 20,000.

      Deaths from marijuana overdose and adverse drug reaction in 5,000 years = zero.

  • Griffy

    Don’t mix up the legalization of marijuana with this ballot question.  Question 3 will no allow MA to tax marijuana.  It specifically requires that marijuana dispensaries be NON-profit organizations…tax exempt!  This proposed law is bad for MA whether you want to see marijuana legalized or not.

    • kevin_hunt

       Are the illegal marijuana dealers operating currently in Mass non-profit or paying taxes?

  • ThatGuy

    This is silly. There are more conditions that can be helped with medicinal marijuana than just “debilitating” conditions.  Not only that, but re-criminalizing marijuana is not the way to go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikecann Mike Cann

    The NOonQuestion3 crowd is a joke. They misrepresent and didn’t know crap about me and my role in independent media not with the Campaign for Medical Cannabis in their latest ridiculous Press Release all about me, because I dared laugh at them for making legalization their number 1 talking point when legalization in MA is more popular than most any candidate or issue in the State of MA with 62% of MA voter support.. Thanks for the promotion, going to have more laughs this campaign for sure.  http://www.mikecann.net/2012/09/mike-cann-vs-no-on-question-3-ma.html#comment-form

    • Mash14

      Isnt Question 3 about Medical marijuana and about patients and not legalization?  So shouldnt people be voting about using Marijuana for Medical reasons and not legalization?

      • http://www.facebook.com/mikecann Mike Cann

        Yep, but Kevin wants to make it about legalization, so I went there and said, “Dude, you think you are going to win with legalization argument when 62% of voters support legal marijuana in MA?” If he was running Mitt Romney’s campaign would he be going after Bill Clinton (who is now more popular than the sitting President) over going after the true opponent, President Obama? This is laughable. The opponents campaign.  The NO ON Question 3 crew keeps saying medical is duping voters for a legalization campaign later. When the truth today is? Legal is polling slightly better than medical in MA.  Get the patients covered first with this Initiative, yes. But after that? 62% support legal, what do you think is going to happen in 2016?

  • sansor12

    kevin is rational, honest about the limitation of his argument, and ultimately more convincing. i’m now voting no on 3.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003332171237 Doe John

      Kevin Sabet is a paid for lying hack disseminating government lies.

      • John_Doe

        Do you have documentation to show how Kevin is paid for?  I think you’ve smoked too much weed…P-A-R-A-N-O-I-A

        • http://www.facebook.com/mikecann Mike Cann

          What you conceding his side lies? 

          1. We are not a vocal minority as Kevin’s group states. We are the majority, 59% of voters support medical, 65% supported decrim, 62% support legal. 

          2. Who’s duping who? The No On Question 3 group is trying to dupe the public but it isn’t working. :)

        • kevin_hunt

           Sabet used to work for the ONDCP, which is required by law to lie about marijuana.  Sabet gets his money from “treatment centers” that get forced referrals from citizens busted for possession and given the choice between and jail and Sabet.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003332171237 Doe John

          Read his own damn bio,ONDCP,consultant to anti marijuana groups,where do you think most of those “drug prevention” organizations get their money, out of tax payer dollars through SAMSHA. Sabet is a paid for liar,paid by YOUR tax dollars.

    • esotericknowledge

      You are incorrect.

    • kevin_hunt

      This Kevin says that Kevin is a liar.

  • Male_DV_Victim

     Health-related costs per user are eight times
    higher for those who drink alcohol when compared to those who use
    marijuana, and are more than 40 times higher for tobacco smokers,
    according to a 2009 review published in the British Columbia Mental
    Health and Addictions Journal.

    It states: “In terms of [health-related] costs per user:
    tobacco-related health costs are over $800 per user, alcohol-related
    health costs are much lower at $165 per user, and cannabis-related
    health costs are the lowest at $20 per user.”


    Apart from the fact that legal drugs kill far more people than all
    the illegal drugs combined, debating whether a particular drug is
    harmless or not is missing the whole point. Are drugs like Heroin, Meth
    or Alcohol dangerous? It simply doesn’t matter, because if we prohibit
    them then we sure as hell know that it makes a bad situation far worse.
    If someone wants to attempt to enhance or destroy their lives with
    particular medicines or poisons, that should be their business, not
    anybody else’s. Their lives aren’t ours to direct. And anyway, who wants
    to give criminals, terrorists and corrupt law enforcement agents a huge
    un-taxed, endless revenue stream?

    Drinking water is more dangerous than smoking pot!

    You cannot OD on Marijuana but you can from drinking to much WATER!!!


    So should we regulate water too???

  • esotericknowledge

    No man or government has the authority to illegalize a naturally occurring plant in its natural form.

    If you believe they *do* have the authority, then you must also believe they have authority above God…Obviously you are incorrect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikecann Mike Cann

     My response to Kevin Sabet brining up my video in this interview and his saying they have the support of MA State Rep Martin Walsh and “others”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNfFa8x-JWE&feature=youtu.be

    • ParablePretty

      You really need to get a life. Do you have a crush on Kevin or something? You’re pretty obsessed. He has a hot voice, I will grant you.

      • http://www.facebook.com/mikecann Mike Cann

        http://youtube.com/mikecann I have a life, thanks. Kevin’s group sent lies about myself out to the media and you say I’m obsessed? I’m just having a good time on their foolishness. I put out a video laughing at them but being 100% honest. What did they do? They sent lies to the media as a press release. So now I get to have fun until Nov. 6th and beyond that, going to be fun to see your side go down in flames. Lie about me, I like it, it gets me more views on youtube. Thanks reefer mad NO ON QUESTION 3 fibbers..

  • Thomas Purdy

         Is the United States a free country?  If it is, then I should be able to decide what goes into my own body.  I choose to not take the drug marijuana into my body.     “Medical” marijuana contains 33 known carcinogens.  Its use is opposed by all major medical organizations.  Question 3 supporters try to act like we don’t already have FDA approved prescriptions which accomplish the same thing.  But we do.  Marinol has the same THC as marijuana and has been in pharmacies nationwide since 1999.     What is most ridiculous is that “medical” marijuana users will force you and me to take their medicine.  If Question 3 passes, such second-hand marijuana smoke will be unavoidable!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003332171237 Doe John

      You’re being sarcastic right? No one with access to the Internet could be that ignorant.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mikecann Mike Cann

       Oh lordy, You know Marinol is 100% synthetic THC right? That is zonks many out for hours on end? You don’t want people to use the leaf with only 20% THC max but 100% synthetic is ok? Because a drug company patented it? You know nothing it seems. Marinol is not the same as the leaf at all.  Many patients report that it makes them jittery and strung out for hours with much less medicinal effects. But go ahead make the case for the DRUG COMPANIES.  Do you also realize that many don’t even smoke cannabis as medicine? Many use tinctures, edibles, and vaporizers, non-smokeable….

    • kevin_hunt

       Sorry, you are wrong that you will have to breathe second hand smoke.  I live in Colorado, a MMJ state and I never have to “breathe second hand smoke” in public. Most folks use discreet vaporizers or edibles here.

      Please list the 33 known carcinogens in edible (not smoked) marijuana. You are parroting information that you have no understanding of, Thomas.

      You are right that the active ingredient in marijuana has been approved by the FDA.  Marinol is ineffective because it does not contain CBD, and costs a fortune. 

      Marinol has caused four deaths in 30 years due to adverse drug reaction, marijuana has caused zero deaths in 5,000 due to adverse drug reaction. 

      The obvious safety and low cost of natural marijuana  is why the feds have been distributing medical marijuana since 1976.

      You prohibitionists are out of ammo.

    • Male_DV_Victim

       Funny stuff,,, if you look at the side effects of marinol, a person would have to smoke marijuana just to deal with those effects.



      • kevin_hunt

         You are correct.  Marinol has been known to cause anxiety, even in patients that are familiar with the effects of natural marijuana.

        Natural marijuana contains CBD, which is an anti-anxiety drug. 

        Marinol fails again…

        • Mash14

          Natural Marijuana may have CBD but it also has 500 more components that you have no idea are going to do to your body because they are not all researched yet.  A new drug that will come out in 2013 SATIVEX which will only have THC and CBD which will take away the high feeling.  So, there is already a drug coming…..

          • kevin_hunt

            “no idea are going to do to your body”. 5,000 years of medical use has characterized that quite well.  Sativex costs $3 per spray, which is  much more costly than natural marijuana.  Why pay pharma for something you can grow for almost no cost?

  • kevin_hunt

    “But the real icon of drug policy in Romney’s campaign, deeply involved to this day, is Melvin Sembler, a Florida strip-mall magnate who was a national fundraising chair for Romney in 2008 and is again a Florida State Co-Chair for Romney’s finance committee.

    Mel Sembler’s name is most likely to strike fear into the hearts of anyone involved in teen drug rehabs. Sembler and his wife, Betty, founded a chain of such institutions under the name Straight, Inc., which at its peak in the ‘80s had 12 clinics in nine states and a track record of extreme abuse.

    In one of many stories from Straight that have been exposed, a teenage girl testified to being compelled into the program after being caught with an airline bottle of liquor given to her by a friend, and then beaten, raped, locked in a janitor’s closet in pants soiled by urine, feces, and menstrual blood..

    Newton, who held a PhD in public administration from an unaccredited institution, was chosen by the Semblers to be their national clinical director. He has had to pay out over $12 million in damages to his victims, who he has thrown against walls, held against their will, kidnapped, restrained in leg irons, forced into servitude, and otherwise abused.”

    Source: http://www.thefix.com/content/romney-sembler-drug-advisor-teen-rehab-abuse8515


    • Bill

       Very old news, more than 2 decades ago. That was so long ago.   SOS has new people who are funding them.  It would like describing Iran in 1979 to explain what should be done for foreign policy now. 

       Do you think we should forget about rehab altogether?  

       Most Americans (58%)  want marijuana as medicine sold by pharmacies. Just the way they’re going in preference to the dispensary model

      • kevin_hunt

        Iran in 1979?  Ronald Reagan offered to sell the Iranians missiles in exchange for hostages.  Reagan gets elected, hostages are freed and Reagan’s boys sell them missiles.  Not only that, they use the profits to supply the cocaine trafficking Contras with guns.  Ollie North admitted to everything after he found out he had immunity from prosecution along with 16 other members of Reagan’s inner circle.

        Perhaps Mitt Romney would be willing to cut a Reagan-style deal with Ahmadinejad?  After all Reagan famously said “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”, but did it anyway.  Mitt is famous for flip-flopping as well, even about his love for Reagan.

        Source: http://www.history.com/videos/reagan-dont-negotiate-with-terrorists#reagan-dont-negotiate-with-terrorists

        You are incorrect when you say that SOS is not run by the Semblers anymore.  I checked their website and Betty Sembler is on the Board of Directors.

        Source: http://www.saveoursociety.org/about-us/board-directors

        I don’t think we should forget about the Straight rehab program altogether, because if we do, we will see more abuses.

        Marijuana cannot be sold in conventional pharmacies (Walgreen’s etc) because if they sold marijuana the DEA would revoke their license to distribute hard drugs like oxycontin.


      • kevin_hunt

         “Very old news, more than 2 decades ago. That was so long ago.”

        Do you think the kids that were tortured by Straight have forgotten about the  mental and physical torture because it was “so long ago”?  If Sembler had allowed your daughter to be raped and forced to have an abortion, would you be okay with that because it was  “more than 2 decades ago”?

        Should we wipe the slate clean for Sembler who has been rewarded by society with money and positions of power (U.S. Ambassador to Italy) for this well-documented and long running pattern of abuse?  If Sembler was any less well politically connected, he would have gone to jail for this.  He deserves to be raped and beaten in prison so he knows what it feels like.

        Sembler has been unapologetic for this abuse, and fails to acknowledge that putting ex-junkie teens with no training in positions of power over other, more vulnerable teens, is a bad idea.

        Anyone who would make apologies for Sembler has no sense of justice.

  • Lis Greg674

    Here’s a documentary about marijuana curing cancer. There are 7 parts: youtube.com/watch?v=pjhT9282-Tw  

    If you still doubt that marijuana is good medicine then kindly check out Granny Storm Crow’s Amazing MMJ Reference List:
    beyondchronic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Grannys-List-July-2012.pdfIt’s   more like a library than a list!






    Marijuana promotes brain cell growth by 40% and protects it from damage: sciencedaily.com/releases/2005/10/051016083817.htm  

    Marijuana promotes healthy lungs: dailycollegian.com/2012/02/01/marijuana-health-claims-go-up-in-smoke/  

    Marijuana when used by HIV patients Inhibits virus replication: sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/03/120320195252.htm  



  • sandra

    I lived in an apartment in Millbury and the tenant below me smoked marijuana and
    fogged me out of my home. I moved to Auburn and thought that the problem was
    solved. I was shocked after several months at my new home, to open up the
    windows one summer day and was engulfed in the stink of marijuana smoke. But
    this fortunately has only happened once in my new home. Imagine all the people
    trying to live their lives and keep their children drug-free if “medical”
    marijuana passes. Many of us will be forced to breathe marijuana smoke daily, a
    gross violation of our constitutional rights as Americans. And because it
    satisfies a supposed medical need, there will be nothing that we can to do about
    it. Why can’t these Pot People tell the Truth and have medical patients use the
    effective FDA approved pill forms of marijuana that have been around for

    Sandra Grudinsky

    • Male_DV_Victim

      “Why can’t these Pot People tell the Truth and have medical patients use the
      effective FDA approved pill forms of marijuana that have been around for

      Because if you look at the “pill form” you will see that you would have to smoke marijuana to relieve the side effect symptoms.


       I was stuck in an elevator with a woman who smelled like she had poured a gallon of old lady perfume on her.

      As I waited to get to my floor I could feel myself get dizzy.

      I wish these perfume people would stop forcing others to smell their unnatural scent.

      And she had so much make-up on I wondered what she was trying to hide and who she was trying to fool.

      I wish the make-up people would stop fooling people into buying products that give them a false sense of beauty.

  • http://mavoteNOonquestion3.com/ Joanie

    People need to understand that ballot question 3 isn’t just
    a vote on whether to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes in
    Massachusetts.  Question 3 is a vote to
    set up an entirely NEW and UNIQUE dispensary system separate from our existing pharmacies.  

    This would be an infrastructure that our
    currently crippled, underfunded Department of Public Health would be charged to
    regulate and oversee.  Marijuana
    dispensaries (all 35 in the first year – more in coming years) would ALL be
    NON-PROFIT.  So where’s the money coming
    from to build the oversite – not from business taxes!  This would be another unfunded mandate that
    our tax payers will pay for.  We’ll pay
    for all the employees, administrative costs and resources that’ll be needed for
    regulation and control.  We’ll pay for
    the enforcement that will be needed to deter exploitation and system
    abuse.  I would prefer not to have my
    taxes cover medicine that is determined by popular opinion as opposed to
    clinical trial and rigorous study – like ALL other medicines in this
    country.  I would also prefer not to have
    to cover the cost of setting up and regulating a new and separate
    pharmaceutical system – run by the Government!  

    If this were truly about the chronically ill having legal access to
    marijuana, the proposed law would be much more restricted and would fit into
    the system we already have in place to disseminate medicine.  My tax payer dollars should NOT be used to
    cover the cost of building an infrastructure for people who want to get high -
    or for people who want to circumvent the way we do medicine in this
    country.  If MA wants to tax and regulate
    pot, that’s a separate issue – but don’t wrap that debate around the guise of
    medicine – and make me pay for it!  Question 3 would be a colossal
    and tragic government undertaking that will change the landscape of our
    communities with pot shops all over the place. 
    And taxpayers will foot the bill on this one.

    • Male_DV_Victim

      Hey, what was I thinking.

      That might put all the liquor stores out of business,,, HAY,,, NO FAIR!!!

      “Question 3 would be a colossal
      and tragic government undertaking that will change the landscape of our
      communities with pot shops all over the place.”

  • Patricia Nutting

    Marinol (Dronabinol) is the pill form of marijuana. Working in oncology for the past 30 years I understand the challenges patients and their families face. Some drugs are very expensive. The challenges are many but I do not believe smoking Marijuana is truly a good option for relief of symptoms. Tricia

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