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Boston Police Union Newsletter Under Scrutiny For Controversial Content


It’s bad enough in this day and age when any organization publishes a newsletter that peddles bigoted opinions cloaked in tasteless and offensive humor. But it’s especially troubling when that newsletter comes from the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPPA), the union representing Boston police officers.

And it turns out that it has been happening for some time now.

Here’s how The Boston Phoenix began their cover story this week:

For at least six years, the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPPA) has published a boldly bigoted official union newsletter, the Pax Centurion. Full of screeds against minorities, women, progressives, gays, Muslims, and even crime victims, its pages have long drawn ire from activists and union members alike.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis has condemned the newsletter, calling it “juvenile” and “not a [representation] of today’s officer” in a tweet last week.

A few examples of what you can find in the newsletter: Pax Centurion referred to Gov. Deval Patrick as a “racial huckster”, the Occupy Boston protesters as “losers, anarchists, graying hippies, level-three sex offenders, fakes, frauds phonies and nitwits,” and it joked about the Egyptian parliament passing a law allowing a man to have sex with his dead wife.


From The Boston Phoenix:


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  • Former Boston Resident

    such a joke that this makes good cops look bad – where were all these “good cops” who should have been speaking out about this BS before the Phoenix took up the cause?

  • Anthony

    Hello, I just wanted to make listeners aware that the “Clean up BPPA” campaign, which has been running for a bit over a week now, has been working hard to alert advertisers about the content of the BPPA’s Pax Centurion newsletter. The majority of the eight advertisers who’ve pulled their ads from the newsletter at the time of the writing were shocked about the content.

    You can read more about this campaign at its blog, http://cleanupbppa.wordpress.com/ , where we have collected contact information for advertisers http://cleanupbppa.wordpress.com/contactsponsors/ . There is also a Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CleanUpBppa and you can follow us on twitter @cleanupbppa

  • Albert_haberle

    I used to read an online paper called The Onion. While I realize the content may be inappropriate given the source, the content was so far beyond the pale that I am curious as to whether this was meant as a comic relief rather than anyone’s honest opinion.

  • RO

    This is all the more reason why we should give educational incentives and other benefits to police officer.  Tax payers get what they pay for.  

  • Pancakeman173

    James Carnell is an excellent Police Officer as well as a great writer for the PAX. Sometimes you have to laugh at stuff that is funny, Police Humor is Police Humor, If you do not like it read the Globe. So does that mean we cannot use any more symbols like LOL, LMAO. Lighten Up, Life is short,. Our business is saving lives and helping people. Trust me we are good at it. On another note my girlfriend is mad at me because I call Gay Guys “Fags”, During my ERA that is what we called you guys so sorry if I offended anyone, but it is what it is. They say “Oh he is crazy, define what is crazy? I am good at what I do this is my professional and I don’t care what you are I will save your ass if you get yourself in the “Crap”. White, green, black, yellow or pink, it does not matter to me. Everyone is Beautiful, Now stop trying to take our humor away. Your safety is my concern and crime does not make appointments and remeber it is only a movie. I get a kick out of James Brown calling himself Larry, Come on Larry go back to James or maybe Jimmy, LMAO

    Martin B.  

    • Hank Mardukas

      Regardless of whether or not what is written is funny, when it is published it becomes a public. You can crack all the jokes you want at home, with your other officers, but you serve a public duty and the PAX is a representation of you. You call gay guys fags, I call cops pigs. It is what it is, but you also have no right to be pissed off that this is getting the response that it is. Keep that shit to yourselves or off the record. Your business is upholding the law and protecting/serving the public. And not all of you are “good at it” – which gives even more reason to the fact that you can’t be represented by a publication like that. Myself and just about every other US resident have run into shitty cops – just check youtube. So when it come out that the PAX is filled with the garbage that is in it, it’s more fuel to the fire. Have some integrity and represent yourself in a way that will give people no reason to think anything other than you are there to do your best to help them, do your job, and uphold the law for everyone. We aren’t trying to take your humor away, you’re a public servant that’s ranting about jews, gays, and women. What do you honestly expect?

    • http://twitter.com/aragusea Adam Ragusea

      Does anybody else not understand a word of this?

  • PithHelmut

    Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis has condemned the newsletter, calling it “juvenile” and “not a [representation] of today’s officer” in a tweet last week.
    Actually Mr Davis is off the mark – it is a representation of today’s officers and juvenile is too good a description.  The police force seems to be recruiting the very worse types of bullies, mentally ill or psychopaths.  It’s time for them to protect the people as they are supposed to not push them around or demean them.  People cannot trust the police anymore and it’s a shame.  Bad cops cause good people to turn away from the police force unfortunately leaving the psycho’s running the outfit.

    • Opi

       Psychopaths aren’t all idiots. I think you’re negetaivly generalizing against psychopaths if you think that the publishing of this letter was because of a psychopath. This letter was because of racial idiots, not psychopaths.

  • J__o__h__n

    Don’t these Quinn bill educated idiots know not to put stupidity into print? 

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