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The Blind Woods: From Boston to Bonnaroo

Andrea Belanger and The Blind Woods (Courtesy)

Andrea Belanger and The Blind Woods (Courtesy)

Andrea Belanger grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts. She plays guitar and is the lead singer of The Blind Woods. At just 23, her soulful voice makes her sound a bit more world-weary than her age might suggest.

Next week, her band will release their debut EP and head to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee.

The Blind Woods joins Radio Boston in studio before performing at Church in Boston on Saturday, June 2.


  • Andrea Belanger, singer/songwriter of The Blind Woods
  • Erik Kramer, upright bass
  • Ricky Petraglia, snare drum
  • Ryan Duchene, hand percussion
  • Christopher Putt, glockenspiel

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  • Guilfoyle20

    Interesting interview with Andrea Belanger, but I was surprised that you never acknowledged anyone else in the band?!  Do you expect that all of your listeners are computer-savvy enough (not to mention sufficiently motivated) to go to your website to find out who else is in the band?  I’m disappointed that you didn’t include them in the conversation, since they were obviously in studio as well… apparently the cool bell-like instrument I was hearing was a glockenspiel… would’ve been nice to hear more from the band than the occasion grunt of assent in the background (as in when they woohoo-ed about going to Bonnaroo… or are they all just very shy?

    • http://www.facebook.com/andrea.belanger Andrea Belanger

      Hey Guilfoyle! We only had a limited amount of time at WBUR, much of the interview was cut due to time constraints. The band had a blast in the studio. As mentioned above they are Ryan Duchene, Ricky Petraglia, Erik Kramer and Christopher Putt. On our way down to Bonnaroo we will constantly be tweeting, facebooking, blogging and posting videos. If you would like to hear more from the band all of these sites will be a great places to hear their individual and unique voices.

      We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in what the blind woodsmen have to say.

      -Andrea Belanger/ Blind Woodswoman
       twitter.com/theblindwoods, facebook.com/theblindwoods, theblindwoods.wordpress.com, youtube.com/theblindwoods

  • Dmt123

    Hey, Andrea-
    I heard your interview and performance on ‘BUR on Friday.  The “Fall River Song” struck a nerve with me because I grew up in FR very near the Narrows Center and left the city about thirty years ago to pursue a career in health care. I even had a summer job  way back in 1972 at the Lamport Co. (ask your parents about that place) as a cloth inspector.  It was ironic to hear you say that  young people in the city feet trapped. Funny but that’s exactly how I felt all those years ago. I thought that if I stayed in Fall River I would die without any sense of fulfillment. So, after college, I escaped, made a successful career in Boston and now live on the South Shore. Your other comment about the Braga Bridge made me chuckle. I recently saw the new and improved blue version. Don’t know that I like it but then I don’t have to look at it everyday like I used to.  Your songs really capture the  sensibilities of the people of Fall River. Sad to say but returning there on occasion to visit family, it seems like a place that time and opportunity forgot.
    Congratulations to you and the band’s success.

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