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No Texting During Interviews…And Other Etiquette For College Grads

If you’re about to graduate from college and head out into the world, you know about many of the challenges that await you. The economy is still fragile; the cost of living is high, and landing the right job is never easy.

But take heart — Jodi R. R. Smith has some ideas that might help. She’s not a career counselor or an expert on the economy or the job market. But she is an authority on one particular personal skill that can help. And she says it’s a skill that’s in very short supply: manners.

And let’s be clear here. She won’t tell you that good manners are all you need to land that
job. But she will make the case that a lack of manners and etiquette can work against you. And she says it’s surprising how many people get tripped up by a basic lack of manners.

Here’s an excerpt from Smith’s book, “From Clueless to Class Act, Manners for the Modern Man and Manners for the Modern Woman:”



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  • Robert Myers

    I’m about to get a large sum of money from selling my house.  You won’t get any of it.  This program cinched it.  It is a reality of the human estate that humans make snap judgments about other humans based on superficial cues.  You didn’t create that reality, but you don’t have to support it and you don’t have to give air time to a company that makes a profit from human habits that are left over from an evolutionary stage when a moment’s hesitation could mean death.  Now we have the luxury of getting to know people so that we can make informed judgments, and an axe murderer is just as capable or incapable of using his dinner napkin properly as anyone else.  This, by the way, is not a snap judgment. After the financial crisis hit, you spent one fundraiser after another congratulating yourselves on how well you explained it.  Many of your guests patronized the audience.  If you were nearly as smart and informative as you imagine yourselves to be, you’d have been telling us what was happening as the storm clouds were gathering, not once it had been raining for months and most of the housing market had been washed away.  I’ll let you into my life when I’m in my car because there are no other choices.  When I’m at home, I can get real news from the Internet, and I won’t be underwriting snotty generation omega self-promoters with appalling self-confidence.

    • http://twitter.com/LilPecan Pecan

       How snotty is it to brag you have money to give toward a service you use but are so cheap you fabricate a reason not to? No problem with your self confidence, is there?

      • Robert Myers

        No, there is no problem with my self-confidence, just as there is no problem with WBUR’s self-confidence.  It isn’t exactly accurate to say that I use the service.  I don’t get my news from WBUR, and I won’t miss the constant self-congratulation on WBUR’s part, as I will soon be getting rid of my car, which I can’t really afford to own.  The snottiness of my post was intended to mirror the snottiness of Miss Manners and the constant self-congratulatory tone of WBUR.  I don’t currently own a suit that I could wear to a job interview, BTW.

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