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Lawmakers Seek To Ban Designer Drugs Sold As ‘Bath Salts’

Bath salts like these are sold in stores. (666ismoney/Flickr)

Bath salts like these are sold in stores. (666ismoney/Flickr)

Dangerous new designer drugs marketed legally as “bath salts” are taking parts of New England by storm.

Massachusetts and other states are trying to crack down with new laws, but some say that only perpetuates a failed war on drugs.


  • Ron Gastia, chief of police, Bangor, Maine
  • Dr. Chris Rosenbaum, toxicologist and assistant professor of emergency medicine, UMass Medical School
  • Mark Kleiman, editor, Journal of Drug Policy Analysis; professor of public policy, UCLA; co-author, “Drugs and Drug Policy: What Everyone Needs To Know”

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  • Quadraticus

    You know what we really need? An expansion of the war on drugs. There’s no way *that* could go wrong! ::bonkers::

  • Anonymous

    This conversation is COMPLETELY WRONG!  WRONG!  WRONG!  WRONG!  WRONG!

    Instead of trying to “Get this [awful] stuff off the streets”…  Why not LEGALIZE the drugs people WANT to do and have the FDA regulate the manufacturers.

    In MOST cases (Esctasy, GHB, etc.) the biggest concern is the SAFETY of the user, RIGHT?

    Isn’t that the FDA’s job?  To keep things SAFE?  The only reason Esctasy isn’t safe is because idiot chemists don’t know how to manufacture it properly.  Why not let drug companies make it?

    • waitjustaminute

      This isn’t just about the safety of the user. People under the influence of bath salts have been known to be delusion, psychotic, and violent. There have been several incidents in which bath salts users have put the safety of others in jeopardy. 

      • Anonymous

        Several as compared to how many, exactly?

        When you use words like Several, Few, Many, you undermine the validity of your argument as it lacks specificity. 

        There have been several incidents out of millions of uses….  that is specific.  And without that kind of relativity, your arguement is meritless.

        Don’t get me wrong, I know you personally could not come up with that statistic, but you should understand why your argument is useless and shouldn’t be put forth in the first place.

        My argument was not that Bath salts are safe…

        My argument is that people wouldn’t be doing unsafe and stupid Bathsalts if MDMA (a formerly FDA Approved drug) and various other more attractive drugs were legal and regulated by the FDA.

        And since Bathsalts are not a single substance (you perhaps missed listening to this today?), you cannot make the argument that all are bad or harmful, but only that some are…  Which is exactly the downside of not having them regulated by the FDA.

        I don’t think people WANT to be doing Bathsalts but they are legal and therefore easier to get a hold of and less risky (at least legally) than what they would prefer to be doing.

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