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Campuses Try To Stop Sexual Assault

Vice President Joe Biden was at the University of New Hampshire Monday. He was there not to talk up the campaign, but campaigning against sexual violence — specifically sexual violence on college campuses.

How colleges and universities respond — or don’t — to sexual assaults on campus is difficult and crucial. This week, the federal government launched an initiative to reinforce guidelines on how schools must deal with sexual assault on campus. Question is, is that enough? Or will it take more to change attitudes and cultures both among students and college administration?


  • Gordon Witkin, managing editor, the Center for Public Integrity
  • Mary Mayhew, director, Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program, University of New Hampshire

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  • guest

    I’m more worried about how journalists cope with politically correct feminist falsehoods as shown here:

    1) http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/263834/are-one-five-college-women-sexually-assaulted-heather-mac-donald

    2) http://www.leaderu.com/real/ri9502/sommers.html

    3) http://www.iwf.org/files/d8dcafa439b9c20386c05f94834460ac.pdf

    Public Integrity indeed? Journalists who spread this partisan pap so shamelessly need to be fired. There is no balance here. Meghna is a lead-the-question cheerleader for feminist hacks. She is in bed with her guests who are also in bed with each other.

    There are no objective independent perspectives here. “Evidence based and effective”, my ___! Falsehood is the very air that feminists breathe

    Back to the USSR we go.

    • Guest

      understanding would follow if each sex spent one week (or even weekend) as the other.

      • guest

        Yes, but feminist lies are likely to create hostility rather than understanding. To have the mainstream media spread those lies for feminists is hardly likely to create civility so that we can understand each other better. We deserve more than monkey-see-monkey-do misinformation campaigns as we consider relations between the sexes.

    • Cgagne

      I applaud Joe Biden’s willingness to increase public awareness of a topic that stirs up strong feeling. While there may be reasons to question the research data on rape and sexual assault on college campuses, there should be no debate that college women should feel safe in social interactions on campus. There is no denying that too many women experience sexual assault during there years at college. With some exceptions, men do not have to worry about the possibility of sexual assault when dating or partying with friends. Establishing guidelines on how colleges should handle sexual assaults protects everyone-women, men, and the colleges themselves.

      • guest

        Joe Biden’s craven willingness to castrate his very own sex and destroy our shared Constitutional standards (for the feminist bigot vote) is what generates strong feelings here: (http://www.newswithviews.com/Rudov/marc102.htm) . There is no debate that women should BE safe from (unprovoked) assaults. What there should be debate about is whether men should be scapegoated for imagined rapes by an ugly cadre of feminist fools. There also should be debate about whether women are entitled to FEEL safe particularly since women tend to fear risks (real or imagined) more than men do, since no one is responsible for how someone else feels and since women (like men) are responsible for how they choose to cope with the world at large. There is also room to debate WHO shares responsibility for female safety with respect to rape. Girls Gone Wild who willingly ‘flash’ their ‘killer’ curves on campus to cock tease males do not deserve to be coddled as helpless infants. Those who play rough with ‘killer’ vice can be sure that the opposite sex will play rough with ‘killer’ violence too. Girls who become drunk as skunks in sexually loaded situations cannot go crying rape unless there is reason to believe that the male (who may have been equally drunk) deliberately ignored clear commands to stop. It’s time for the fear mongering feminists (to whom Joe Biden panders so shamelessly) to take responsibility for the female role in rape or remain retarded infants forever

        There is no denying that ONE rape is too many but there is also no denying that feminists have grossly misrepresented rape to steal resources that better belong where REAL crimes occur. There is also no denying that feminists have raped the rights men so that some sort of feminist Utopia can be established in the culture. Ironically, as an impotent, mean spirited and misandric male, Joe Biden is the front ‘man’ for fear mongering feminists who rape politics, law and culture to ‘stop rape’.

        Men DO have to worry about sexual assault when dating or partying with friends. The only things that changes is the form which that assault takes. Whereas men tend to use status to rape women for sex, women tend to use sex to ‘rape’ men for status or status-related assets.

        Sadly, common forms of female-on-male rape are perfectly legal in most venues. The state even encourages women to rape men with laws that allow women to legally steal resources in return for sexual services in marriage or co-habitation situations. Were men to enjoy the same ‘privileges’ in return…that is opportunities to rape women with state support (as in, say, Libya today) feminists would really have something serious to scream about. As it is on college campuses today, already entitled feminists should just be spanked for screaming niggardly nonsense in a world full of far more pressing problems…problems that are real rather than imagined, serious rather than silly, and important rather than trivial. Establishing totalitarian guidelines backed by feminist goons to abuse the Constitution for no good reason protects no one. What we really need is protection from lying feminists and the feminist-perverted fools like Joe Biden and Barak Obama who front for em.

        • K Shakira Washington

          You are an idiot.

          • Guest

            How THOUGHT-full of you. Calling people names is the standard stunt for feebleminded feminists who cannot or will not address challenges to the niggardly nonsense that feminists bigots spread. You are hardly showing us your superior (feminist?) genius here.

          • Amanda

             No, I think that person who called him an idiot is right.  They just didn’t feel he was worth the time to create an argument against.  I mean really,  saying that rape can be justified at all?  Just because someone (male or female) is under the influence doesn’t mean that everyone has a free pass to attack them.  Sure, it’s stupid that they put themselves in danger, but that doesn’t make it ok if they get hurt.  
            And to blame girls who “flash their killer curves”?  Shouldn’t the aggressor try to control themselves?  Everyone deserves respect, no matter what.  It’s a human right.
            Besides, people get raped while wearing sweatpants and t-shirts, too.  Blaming “cockteasers” for this is just ignorant, and it only hurts how men are perceived.  You’re shooting yourself in the foot.

          • K Shakira Washington

             Exactly Amanda!

  • Frank

    So a few questions I would like to pose for your guests. I am a lawyer and I am quite serious about asking these question. I also have two college-age daughters, so I am well aware of the (to me astounding) level of substance abuse (including by my daughers) and sexualized behavior (other than by my daughers) by both men and women on campuses:

    1. The statistics in the DOE materials circulated with the new policy really blew my mind. Those statistics say 20% of all college women and 6% of all college men will be sexually assaulted during their college years. That’s 26% total. Since each of those cases requires another human being to commit the sexual assault, we double the 26% to discover that 52% of ALL college students will either be a sexual assault victim or a rapist during their college years. That is a majority of all college students in the country. Is that really the case in the experience of UNH and other University officials? How much of this is male-on-male sexual assault or female-on-female sexual assault (I noticed that the DOE Crime Statistics say there were 4 forcible sexual assaults at Smith College last year — any idea if the DOE stats are student-only or include visiting troublemakers from Hampshire College, etc?)

    2. The best available data (FBI circa 1998, UK Home Office circa 2007) indicate that approximately 8% (or 1 case in 12) of alleged rape can be PROVEN false (that is to say, not a case where rape cannot be proved but rather where the preponderance of the evidence indicates that the allegation is false). 1 in 8 is not a small factor. DOE Crime Statistics for UNH for the last available year (I believe 2009) indicate there were 10 claims of “forcible sexual assault.” So, statstically, the odds are pretty good that one of those ten was false. What does UNH do to protect the accused? Can accused continue in residence halls and their assigned classes or are they removed? What does UNH do by way of publicity to clear the name of an accused who is not found guilty? What does UNH do by way of financial reimbursement for additional classes a cleared accused is require to drop or suspended from?

    3. The new Dept of Education Office of Civil Rights guidelines forbid alcohol or drug enforcement against persons who claim they have been sexually assaulted. Has UNH itself had this rule in effect previously? Could a sexual assault claim be an effective means of blocking or defending against an alcohol or drug enforcement proceeding already under way or that a University believes is independently warranted regardless of the sexual assault?

    4. For many years, feminists such as Andrea Dworkin have claimed that “All men are rapists.” On the other hand, Department of Justice statistics cited in a March, 2011 report by the White House Council on Women and Girls, indicate that a mere 15 men per 100,000 in the general population are rapists, suggesting that a fairly identifiable group of men commit most rapes. Other statistics offered up by DOE indicate that 50% of rapes are committed by fraternity membes and a further 40% are committed by members of sports teams. What does UNH do to target its message at the most likely offenders?

    5. In September, 2010, incoming first year men at Hamilton College were mandatorily required to attend a lecture driving home that viewpoint, called “She Fears You,” while incoming first year women were feted with a play that celebrated the empowerment and intelligence of women. Is there a danger that the campaign to stop sexual assault on University campuses could lead to a hostile educational environment against men? Is there a concern that the male graduation rate, already down to only 39% of all degrees, may drop further if men feel they are the subjects of special scrutiny on college campuses?

    6. The new preponderance of the evidence (51% of the evidence) standard for establishing guilt under the DEO OCR guidlines raises interesting questions of proof in a he-said-she-said context. What kinds of proof does UNH allow to prove that a sexual assault occurred and what kinds of proof does UNH allow to prove that a sexual assault did not occur? Is forensic medical proof of rape always required? How long can a young woman safely delay reporting without jeopardizing her case?

    7. Consent, as I understand it, may be withdrawn at any time during sexual activity. Assume for a moment that Joe and Susan are engaged in intimate relations (yes, the act itself), with consent of both parties. Susan begins to feel guilty and tells Joe to stop. Do you agree that if Joe does not stop and remove immediately he has raped Susan? Is Joe still a rapist if Joe climaxes within a second or two after Susan tells Joe to stop? How will anyone know how long it took Joe to stop?

    8. This time, Susan is on top, they are kissing and no penetration has yet occurred. Susan tells Joe she forgot to take her birth control pill, Joe says he forgot to buy condoms because he hadn’t expected to get lucky that evening, Susan says “I don’t care, I want you inside me now.” Joe says “No way Susan, I don’t want to risk your getting pregnant!” Susan thinks Joe is really hot and wants the conquest and so she sits down on Joe’s member anyway. Joe pushes Susan away. Has Susan raped Joe? If Joe has to be fairly forceful in pushing Susan away, has Joe defended himself or assaulted Susan? Can Susan file a sexual assault claim against Joe for pushing her or just to block any claim by Joe? Is it a race to the Sexual Assault Complaint office by Susan and Joe because the first filer is the Victim and gets support while the second filer is out of luck? If Susan becomes pregnant as a result of her momentary insertion, against Joe’s will, can Susan nonetheless require Joe to pay Child Support?

    9. What are the best actions a young man in college can take to protect himself against the accusation of sexual assault or to defend himself against a later claim of sexual assault for activity he truly believes was mutually consentual throughout? Refuse to go home with any young woman who is drunk or high? (I really like this one, you should know, because it creates a wonderful peer pressure for young women to dial back on their drinking and drug use, under penalty of loss of sexual opportunities.) Only have sexual activity in a group setting where other young people, women and men, can testify as to what happened? Obtain the consent of the young woman to audio or video recording of their intimate evening together as evidence of continuing consent / lack of withdrawal of consent (so long as he does not post it to YouTube or Facebook without her consent)? Get to know a young woman pretty well before having sex, and be convinced she is not crazy and will not become vindictive if he later breaks up with her? (Do me a favor and don’t let your guests just pick this one! It’s too easy!) Become a Mormon, go on Mission, then marry and only have sexual relations after marriage and with the consent of his new wife? Other, more practical approaches not coming to me at the moment?

    10. Was the Karen Owen F**k List that surfaced on Jezebel, and is now everywhere, sexual harassment of the young men at Duke University targeted and identified by her?

    • Guest

      Thanks for trying to combat a culture “where lies will become true and where fantasy will be peddled as news” (http://www.commondreams.org/view/2010/02/01-8)

    • Guest
    • BSC

      I see that this was way too realistic for anyone to weigh in on. Frank must not be asking the questions he’s supposed to ask to go along with the show, but I think he’s asked some very good ones. I’ll ask another, if the rate of all violent crimes combined in most cities runs at less than 2% per year, how is it possible that one crime, sexual assault, can occur to 20% (last year the BUR college rape reports were stating 25%) of women on campus. Granted that many factors (youth of the cohort, living in close quarters, sexualized party scene) could raise the numbers higher, but by a factor this large? Isn’t anyone skeptical about this claim of 1 in 5?

      • Sees

        No. This station, NPR and the rest of the main stream media routinely shill swill for feminist bigots. Look back through the history of discussions on/or related to feminism here. You will never or almost never see anti-feminists, credible scientists, Male Studies scholars, Men’s Rights representatives, or reasonable feminists critical of feminist falsehoods. This station and most other mainstream media outlets have been totally captured by the gender-feminist goons who spread such niggardly nonsense. Objective news reporting is so passe today.

  • Guest
  • Guest

    REPORTER’S Try to Stop Feminist Fraud by Dan Nobody

    Below is an informative post I pulled from M.A.R.K on an article at the Good Men Project. Notice that even the laziest reporter could easily have done the fact checking that he did. Instead, reporters routinely spread hateful propaganda and facile falsehoods for feminist bigots. No wonder feminists can rape reason, falsify facts, and misrepresent rape with perfect impunity. After all reporters, like those who work for Radio Boston, routinely coddle them and collude in their retarded ‘oppression’ racket.

    The post below is from M A R K on an article at the Good Men Project:

    What feminist stats don’t tell you is that its not gendered, women rape and men experience rape at similar rates as visa vesa. Feminist misinformation does not inform that stranger rape is rare as violent crimes go.

    Just look at the stats I posted.

    And this

    “At the University of Pittsburgh, there are roughly 14,800 female students. If their chances of being sexually assaulted are 1-in-4, there should be about 3,700 sexual assaults each year. In 2009, the most recent year for which full statistics are available, Pitt students reported 4.

    At Carnegie Mellon University, there are roughly 3,900 female students. If their chances of being sexually assaulted are 1-in-4, there should be about 975 sexual assaults each year. In 2009, CMU reported 6. (That figure was a three-year high.)

    At Duquesne University, there are roughly 5,700 female students. If their chances of being sexually assaulted are 1-in-4, there should be about 1,425 sexual assaults each year. In 2009, Duquesne reported 3.

    Just to be clear, and so those numbers stand out, here are the total number of reported sexual assaults for each of the three campuses in 2009, followed in parentheses by the numbers those universities should have suffered, according to the 1-in-4 figure:

    PITT: 4 (3,700)
    CMU: 6 (975)
    DUQ: 3 (1,425)

    Which means that, instead of 1-in-4, their chances of being sexually assaulted in 2009 were:

    PITT: 1-in-3,700.
    CMU: 1-in-650.
    DUQ: 1-in-1,900.

    There is, of course, a widely reported (if virtually unverifiable) statistic that says 90 percent of sexual assaults go unreported. The Trib piece took note:

    90 percent or more of those victims do not report the assault.

    If we grant that claim and adjust the numbers, then here are the total number of sexual assaults that occurred in 2009, followed in parentheses by the numbers those universities should have suffered, according to the 1-in-4 figure:

    PITT: 40 (3,700)
    CMU: 60 (975)
    DUQ: 30 (1,425)

    Which means that, even if we grant the 90%-are-unreported figure, women’s chances of being sexually assaulted while attending those universities in 2009 were not 1-in-4 but:

    PITT: 1-in-370
    CMU: 1-in-65
    DUQ: 1-in-190

    Even after adjusting for the possibility that 90% of sexual assaults on those university women went unreported, to get to 1-in-4, sexual assaults on those campuses in 2009 would have to be increased (and unreported) to the tune of:

    PITT: 9,150%
    CMU: 1,525%
    DUQ: 4,650%

    Is it possible that these numbers are just anomalies? That they represent a down year for sexual assaults on these local campuses, one that is not indicative of a typical year?

    Not according to the crime statistics published for the past three years.

    In 2009, Pitt reported 4, CMU 6, Duquesne 3. For the period 2007-2009, Pitt averaged 3.33 per year. CMU averaged 4 per year. Duquesne averaged 1.33 per year.

    Which means that, in each case and on each campus, the three-year average was lower than the 2009 figure.

    If we use those three-year averages, women’s chances of being sexually assaulted while attending those universities from 2007-2009 were not 1-in-4 but:

    PIT: 1-in-4,444
    CMU: 1-in-975
    DUQ: 1-in-4,285

    If you combine all of the crime statistics for Pitt, CMU, and Duquesne — again, the city’s three most populous urban campuses — and run an average for 2009 (which, as we’ve already seen, is above the most recent three-year average), here’s what you get:

    # of Female Students: 24,400
    # of Reported Sexual Assaults: 13
    Chances of Being Sexually Assaulted: 1-in-1,877.

    If you accept the claim that 90% of college sexual assaults are not reported, you get:

    # of Female Students: 24,400
    # of Reported Sexual Assaults: 130
    Chances of Being Sexually Assaulted: 1-in-188.

    To get to 1-in-4, you still need 47 times — not 47 more, but 47 times more — sexual assaults.

    As I noted at the top of this post: the numbers in reality don’t come anywhere close to matching the numbers in the claims.

    Is Pittsburgh just 47 (or, without a guess of an adjustment, 470) times safer than any other city, suburb, exurb, or small town in the country? Are Pitt, CMU, and Duquesne (plus all those other colleges on the Trib’s PDF) just terrific anomalies, just unexplained and uncharacteristic outliers in the data?

    If so, and either way, there must be some city, some university, some collection of colleges somewhere for which the real, actual, federally mandated crime statistics — even bumped up to account for 90% of non-reports — work out to that 1-in-4 figure. Or at least come close. Right?

    In fact, there ought to be a lot of them. Right?


    If not, then the people who insist on advancing those dramatic claims while also ignoring these decidedly less dramatic realities would seem to have an awful lot of explaining to do.”
    htt p://communityvoices.sites.post-gazette.com/index.php/opinion/the-radical-middle/27667–one-in-one-thousand-eight-hundred-seventy-seven

    The feminist movement lied about domestic violence, child abuse and it continues to lie about rape to further its own wider agenda.

  • Boots

    If you think women are not oppressed, guy under me:

    You’re remarkably stupid.

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